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Christmas Ferry

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The Little Christmas Ferry Company
Makers of the ORIGINAL Ferry Ornament

About Us

The Little Christmas Ferry Company started on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in 2013. We moved to Australia over 7 years and call this wonderful country home.  The decision to move here was easy after we visited Sydney for a week. One highlight of the trip was taking the Manly ferry and various ferries to major attractions around the city. It has always been a tradition to purchase a keepsake or Christmas ornament while on holiday; however, we couldn’t find anything that celebrated the Sydney ferries.

The ferries needed a rightful place next to other Sydney icons so our goal was to create a quality, solid-wood ornament that was unique, honoured the ferry tradition and above all be super-cute!  After many Play-Doh models and prototypes, we found the perfect replica and The Little Christmas Ferry Company was born!

The Manly & Sydney Ferries evoke a sense of nostalgia and brings a smile to many faces. So what started out as a mission, became a passion for The Little Christmas Ferry Company; we are dedicated to capturing the wonderful experiences only Sydney can provide.

Whether you have the pleasure of visiting, or call Sydney home, hanging a Christmas Ferry on your tree each year is a wonderful way to remember and celebrate one of Sydney’s greatest treasures!

The Perfect Size!

Each ornament is solid wood construction, featuring ‘SYDNEY or MANLY’ on both sides with a festive red ribbon.

9cm long x 3cm wide x 6cm high

Easy to Give.  Easy to Send!

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